Yahoo chat sex bot - Dating winchester rifles by serial number

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First year of production saw 2 machined lips for the front top of the magazine to rest on when it was locked into place.

The rear set was approximately at the location of the shoulder detent of the magazine. It is suspected that this came about in 1956 somewhere near s/n 25,000 when the 358 came into being, as this rear lip would have protruded inward so far that it would interfere with feeding of the necks of the 358 cartridge.

The 284 came into being in 1963 in an effort to compete with the 270 in this sort action. The carbines utilized a front barrel band that the sling swivel was attached into.

On the early 88s as shown in the photo below on the left, there is a slot milled into the LH side of the receiver to accept the sleeve lock pin.

After the Model 100 coming into being, the bolt sleeve was changed on the Model 88 which now uses the newer 100 firing pin system.

The magazine was a headache from the start, so many changes were related to solving problems related to it, and feeding issues.

Then when the Model 100 came out in 1961, improvements incorporated in it were also transferred on to the Model 88 where applicable.

The New Style lever will not trip the guard latch on the O/S rifle.

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