kearney dating - Dating the nice guy

by  |  12-Mar-2017 05:56

Here are a few sings you are dating a genuinely nice guy: A nice guy will always make it a point to reach his parents out. If your man regularly calls his parents, then he must be great because it shows how he values family and communication with the people he truly cares for.This goes handy as your relationship matures, especially when you become apart for a few days.If you’re looking for a relationship, you probably have some qualities that you hope to find in your ideal match.

Imagine that you’re a man who’s looking for a one night stand.

That scantily-clad woman at the bar who’s flirting with all the other guys might catch your eye.

However, she mostly goes out with jerks or “bad boys” who end up treating her poorly.

Invariably, she ends up getting hurt and eventually breaks it off with him only to find another jerk to go out with.

Rebecca isn’t self-aware enough to realize that she can be self-centered, nor is she able to see this in the men she goes out with until after they end up hurting her. Maybe she enjoys having drama in her relationships. Perhaps, sadly, she feels that she deserves to be treated that way.

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