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Once again not all woman but its different from 2o years ago thats for dam sure I'm just saying woman are less likely to value it which to me is a negative My GF now, I want to work have no issues with it and hope she can out do me, I'm just saying values have changed and for me someone who would love to date just one person my entire life married them and be happy it's not the best future for me, if I get broken up with.

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Next, in need of all the help he can get, he hits up the "Married at First Sight" dating expert for advice.

Then Dean's search for answers comes for full circle as he tracks down Zoë..first kiss from 5th grade.

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Dean gets a full dating evaluation from probably the most qualified analyst...

He has proven himself incapable of using his handsome good looks and piercing blue eyes to his benefit. Plus they determine which signs might be most compatible for Dean.

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