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by  |  12-Dec-2016 10:27

Kerstin opted to start with one of Soulmates’ main entry points – landing pages visitors entered upon clicking through an ad on The Guardian’s website.

The negative and insignificant results helped her plan for future tests by honing in on new ways to increase conversions.

Setting a hypothesis before building each test makes executing and interpreting experiment results much easier.

According to Kerstin, agreeing on clear goals upfront helps remove the debate aspect when her team looks at test results and also influences ideas for future experiments.

“Of the 14 tests we have run so far on Soulmates, seven have been successful, three have been negative, and four have been inconclusive, in that the differences did not generate big enough changes to reach statistical significance.

Kerstin wondered if the current landing page was confusing first time visitors.

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