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This document is an agreement on how you will treat one another. In the real world, breaking a contract brings with it legal and financial consequences. The relationship contract helps you avoid that predicament. What happens if one of you gets really ill or fired or transferred around the country? The idea behind a relationship contract is to take every major fight you’ve ever had and resolve those issues before they come around again, in a calm and collected manner. Instead of deciding to get married, you slide into it – which, naturally, significantly ups your chances of divorce. Since you’re dealing with assets, this type of contract is best looked at by a lawyer. Relationship contracts seem radical at first, but they feel more natural once you think about it.

It’s not a list of rules each person has to live by. It sounds like a good idea, but it will just make your relationship worse. But you don’t want consequences in a relationship contract. However, it also means you have to talk about things you don’t want to talk about. It might be hard now, but it will make life easier in the long run. Even if marriage isn’t in the cards, do you really want to be stuck with someone for a long time simply because you’re too afraid to break up? But there are other kinds of relationship contracts too – the kinds that define how often you’ll have sex and who has to make the coffee each morning. Read on to learn if this type of relationship contract would work for you, and how to create one. If you’re in an exclusive relationship, you probably have a spoken contract that says neither of you can have sex with anyone else.

Your relationship can survive its challenges, but only if you both are committed to its survival – and that starts by being honest and open about what you want. You’ve followed Steps 1 – 4 and are ready to start creating your relationship contract. But first, do your homework and write down your issues separately.

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Since a contract feels official, you’re more likely to take each term seriously, and it’s nice to have a document you can refer back to.

On the other hand, relationship contracts aren’t for everybody. If there are major issues underlying the relationship (insecurity, mental health, infidelity), asking for a contract can come across as an effort to control the other person. Unless you’re both reading this article together (props to you! If you have children, pets or are moving in together, you should consult with a lawyer about dividing your assets.

Think long and hard if a contract is right for your relationship. ), you have to bring up the idea of a relationship contract with your partner. Keep in mind that a contract isn’t legally binding if it violates public policy, so you may want to separate the legal elements from the personal elements.

Since this can be a controversial topic, do it at the right time. Your relationship is temporarily in a state of mistrust, so asking then presents the contract from a “me vs you” standpoint. A relationship contract should build a foundation of trust and love in your relationship, and its introduction should reflect that. Some people have a relationship contract as a trial run before or in place of marriage.

While a little anxiety is natural, an inability to speak openly with your partner may be a sign this relationship isn’t working. Furthermore, if there are issues either of you have had trouble articulating, writing them down can be an easier way of bringing it up and helps you both follow Step 4. You can keep it, edit it, or delete it – but you must talk about every single issue. While having a signed hard copy of your relationship contract is essential to make it feel official, it makes sense to keep it in Google Docs too, so that you can edit it when you want to. Reviewing your relationship contract regularly might simply remind you of how good you have it, so you can appreciate each other more. Once you’ve agreed on your contract, print it, date it and sign it. This document helps define the parameters of your relationship.

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