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by  |  25-Aug-2017 20:49

Erika: The mixing of the sexes is socially accepted in Namibia and there are no environments I can think of where either women or men are not allowed.

Erika: Most Namibian men and women alike are very curious about me because of my background.

Erika: Women in Namibia legally have many of the same rights as men, but society still holds different expectations for them.

As in many other places around the world, women are often quite educated, but end up giving up their careers in order to be housewives and to take care of the children.

Getting tongue-tied in love is pretty normal, but it can feel a bit frustrating.

When you love someone, sometimes it’s hard to imagine all the ways that you can express yourself, and sometimes “I love you” just doesn’t seem like enough.

Most men still expect women to do all the cooking, cleaning and washing.

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