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The role of astronomers to fix the calendar, to set dates of religious festivals, and to predict eclipses or other astronomical events became as important as their moral codes."There is no scholarly tradition in India to visit foreign lands for learning.

Dating kali yuga

It was considered sacred and as good as their moral codes for society.

Scientific activities had important functions that were valued in society.

This would also explain why extraordinary steps were taken to preserve the Vedas, and the honor given to the Vedas by Hindus, even though its meaning is little understood today.

"On the eve of the "Mahabharata War" our ancestors believed that their knowledge was in danger of being lost. and after a bloody war, destroyed each copy of the Avesta available." As in modern physics, Hindu cosmology envisaged the universe as having a cyclical nature.

Therefore Vedic sages coded the knowledge in a simple form in which it could be understood by everyone.

Dating kali yuga

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