preacher dating - Dating for people with mental illness

by  |  01-Jul-2016 01:27

We don’t need psychiatrists to fix us or depression medication to relieve us. And so we come to the point of this article: why aren’t we doing more in the Christian community to reach out to those with mental illness?In fact, there are two ways I think we have actually hurt those suffering with mental disorders in our faith communities:1.

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Much of the Christian world is in mourning with the news of Pastor Rick Warren’s son, Matthew, ending his life this weekend.

I’ve read many, many, many beautiful reflections and touching tributes for the Warren family.

“Why would God create a child just to have him die in my body?

I don’t want another intercessor; I want to hold a baby .”Can you blame them for their anger?

(Popular) Christian rhetoric of suffering I use “popular” in the title because the actual Christian teaching on suffering is than how we mistakenly talk about it in our communities.

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