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Why we’re interested: Transgender and queer individuals have long been marginalized in the media or reduced to curiosities or tragic characters.

With series like “Orange Is the New Black,” “Transparent” and “I Am Cait,” more transgender characters appear on the screen, but there are many more stories waiting to be told — especially stories told by transgender and queer women themselves.

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Trans entrepreneur and actress Angelica Ross stars, while trans filmmaker Sydney Freeland (“Drunktown’s Finest”) directs.

“The Vagina Monologues” playwright Eve Ensler serves as executive producer.

What it’s about: Young Women of Cinema is a training program for female filmmakers aged 18-24.

The young talents will get technical training, mentorship, networking opportunities and the support to explore subjects relevant to women today.

With so many trans creatives behind and in front of the camera, “Her Story” will depicting the everyday lives and concerns of trans women rather than creating a freak show or a tragic tale.

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