Dating an ironman triathlete

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He is a great guy and training for his first 140.6. With that, he has a total bonehead coach and often asks me my opinion about his training plans. My husband once said, while on an easy run with me, that it physically hurt him to go this slow and that anything slower than /mile pace basically wasn’t even running.

I believe what I said back is probably not printable, even on TRS.

Dating an ironman triathlete who is melyssa ford dating now

There’s this standard narrative out there that triathlon is selfish and not conducive to healthy relationships.

The danger with this narrative is that the problem isn’t triathlon, it’s that your triathlete husband/wife is a dick. I’ve got news for you, hiking is just glorified walking and they have these things called CSAs now, which are basically farmers markets that get delivered to your door.

If so, well, congrats on defying gender norms and embracing non-stereotypical roles.

But if it’s only obvious to you, then that’s your biggest problem — which isn’t so much a triathlon problem as it is a self-awareness one. That’s a triathlon problem.) Which brings us to the second half of your question: When to offer your hard-earned advice to your triathlete other half? Let me modify my advice, then, about when to offer advice: Almost never, when not solicited.

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