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They would snip open the hiding place and triumphantly pull out the long-forbidden tricolour.’ The inhabitants of the little village of Thiéfosse celebrated with flags and bells, even while battle still raged four miles ahead.

Anita drives a badly wounded French boy to hospital, taking an eight-mile detour as a Bailey Bridge is broken, and the boy dies.

‘And now three girls waving spanners…big smiles…very nice.’The ship’s officers were mystified as to why these pretty girls should volunteer for such work.

They guessed the reason must be ‘broken hearts or dull husbands’.

The paper was full of news of grouse-shooting and yacht regattas, issued by the Ministry of Information to cheer the troops.

Sometimes Anita played truant from the Eastern Times and went skiing by moonlight all over Lebanon with a group of off-duty submariners, under their commander Philip Ruck-Keene.

And there is the poignancy of a sapper who has to have his leg amputated, saying: ‘I didn’t think this would happen to me.’ One never does.

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