Dating a classmate hopeless dating

by  |  09-Sep-2017 18:31

Assuming half the MBA2 class was in a relationship upon arrival, that’s ~112 single men and ~88 single women. 18 new MBA2 couples; 18% of singles off the market and in relationships with classmates. But on closer examination, the question: “to date, or not to date?

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I actually felt sorry for him when the Snob gave him the brush off and said she just likes him “as a friend”.

(I think we all know what she really meant—“No way in hell! I think most of us can name at least one crush from high school.

In a very eye-rolling “Of course we saw this coming!

” twist, the former Ugly Duckling is now a super-hot pinup model.

Still, though, there are at least some interested potential partners of both genders.

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