Curious dating

by  |  07-Oct-2016 08:41

These can be great opportunities to debunk bad thinking that would otherwise go unchallenged.

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Does some part of the system consider the applications' Marketplace categories -- "Social" for Grindr and "Lifestyle" for Sex Offenders Search -- so similar that it thinks users would be interested seeing connections between the categories?

This is plausible but there are many other applications in both categories that might be linked -- why these two?

To be starting points for conversation, designers must first acknowledge that recommendation systems (both those that are run by humans and those relying upon algorithms) have the power to suggest and constrain expression.

Bizarre links between Grindr and Sex Offender Search can be great starting points for those who are privileged enough to recognize nonsensical associations, possess enough technical knowledge to understand how such systems might make links, and have the confidence and communication skills to argue the point with friends, family members and others.

For example, if recommendation systems suggest that certain associations are more reasonable, rational, common or acceptable than others we run the risk of silencing minorities.

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