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You now have experienced a better you and are being accountable to yourself who is the most important person in your life.

The new love of health, energy, clarity and vitality will resonate and could inspire others too.

Experiencing change even positive can bring up fear maybe a fear of loss like the old you or your circle of friends.

😉 Note: Nutri sweet products can be worse for us than sugar, stevia is a natural sweetener that can be used and has no nasties! Welcome to my 21 day challenge tips and hints They say if you can give up a habit for 21 days the chances of you wanting to do it again are slim to none.

Interest in relationship education for high school students has grown since the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 provided funding for Healthy Marriage Initiative programs.

So the problems arise when one partner is trying to let the other partner know they are loved through the wrong strategy.

Lets say your new friend has a visual love strategy? Well they need proof, in the form of flowers, sunsets, gifts or a romantic getaway these are just a few examples…in a courting situation this is great knowledge to have so get creative and target those strategies!

Old habits are overcome by repeated, patient and persistent action, during this phase you need to develop a supportive environment for lifestyle change to occur.

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