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Say the word “conservation” or, heaven help you, “sustainability,” and he merely flips to the flash card in his head marked “Environmentalism: Bad.” Appeal to tradition or inherited rights, and he reminds you that, In This Time of War, Sacrifices Must Be Made.

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Judge actions such as these as you will: nefarious, reckless, shortsighted, necessary, or merely amoral.

What cannot be denied is that they describe a pattern of behavior that does not differ in substance from that of most other great powers in history.

The American Century began when the nation finally embraced its providentially assigned mission to spread liberty around the world.

Present-day adherents to this school—self-described liberals like Peter Beinart no less than self-described conservatives like William Kristol—do not doubt that the events of Sept.

Like others, the United States acts in pursuit of its perceived self-interest. foreign policy have a vested interest in sustaining the twaddle about an American Century. The American Century emphasizes secrecy and deference to those who are presumably “in the know.” It shields members of this self-perpetuating elite from accountability.

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