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An insider told Hollywood Life: 'Beyonce’s security was seen leaving her Beverly Hills home this morning carrying two baby seats to a hospital in West LA 'Beyonce’s due date was yesterday and she has been seeing her OB/GYN on a regular basis at a different location.

This trip to this hospital is unique.'A storm of tweets was unleashed due to the speculation.

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February saw Stacey Branning return with her daughter Lily and also her new boyfriend, Luke Riley, followed by Tosh Mackintosh.

On 10 March, Charlie Cotton and on 4 April, Lee Carter.

The 99 Problems star, who married Beyonce in 2008 after five years of dating, was reportedly headed in the direction of the Westwood-based medical facility.

Beyonce fans first sparked a Twitter frenzy amid fevered speculation the heavily pregnant star is finally in labour in the early hours of Tuesday.

One excited tweeted typed: 'So apparently Beyonce is in labor???!

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