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Beginning in 1944, the CBC operated two English-language radio services: the original network became the Trans-Canada Network, and a second network, the Dominion Network, was established with CJBC in Toronto as its flagship.

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The stations, located in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, broadcast a monoaural FM signal. The stations were linked by CN/CP Telecommunications via land-line and microwave.

This service was discontinued in 1962, but resumed in 1964 in stereo.

Until early 2015, the slogan was "Canada Lives Here." The slogan was not replaced.

Some CBC Radio One programs, such as As It Happens, air in the United States on some stations associated with Public Radio International.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, CBC Radio increased its current affairs and documentary content with an initiative known as the "Radio Revolution", using more ambitious, live coverage of news and current affairs including listeners as well as experts.

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