Catholic interfaith dating who is a rod dating 2016

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In 2009, Portuguese Cardinal Jose Policarpo discouraged Portuguese girls from marrying Muslims, due to the fact that it is sometimes difficult to raise children in the faith after a marriage.

Catholic interfaith dating

and the Old Testament verse Deuteronomy 7:3 (see also Ezra 9–10.).

The Roman Catholic Church has defined criteria on interfaith marriage recognition and the Eastern Orthodox Church also has rules which are similar in most respects.

The non-Catholic partner must be made 'truly aware' of the meaning of the Catholic party's promise.

Both parties must be instructed about the 'purposes and essential properties' of marriage, none of which can be excluded by either of the parties (thus neither party, including the non-Catholic, may exclude the permanence, exclusivity or openness to having children in the marriage, which is a standard condition of the validity of all marriages in Catholicism).

For ethno-religious groups, resistance to interfaith marriage may be a form of self-segregation.

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