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C operators, Implicit and explicit type conversions If, If..else, switch, ternary operator (?

:) Do..while, while and for loop , Goto statement , Advantages and disadvantages.

Staffing: Concept, Nature and Importance of Staffing.

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Sampling : Introduction; Census and Sampling method; Basis of sampling; Essentials of sampling; Methods of sampling; Simple random sampling; Restricted random sampling; Stratified sampling; Systematic sampling; Multistage sampling; Merits and limitation of sampling; Sampling and non sampling errors; Reliability of samples. Concept; Addition and multiplication theorems of probability; conditional probability & independent events; Bayes theorem; Expected Values.

Binomial distribution; Poisson distribution; Normal distribution and their applications.

Pricing Under Perfect Competition, Pricing Under Monopoly, Control of Monopoly, Price Discrimination, Pricing Under Monopolistic Competition, Pricing Under Oligopoly.

Unit 1 Meaning and Scope of Accounting: Need for Accounting, Development of Accounting, Definition and Functions of Accounting, Limitation of Accounting, Book Keeping and Accounting, Is Accounting Science or Art?

Compensation and Maintenance: Compensation: job evaluation concept, process and significance; components of employee remuneration base and supplementary; maintenance: overview of employee welfare, health and safety, social security.

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