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When Rachel Nichols left ESPN, there was an obvious void and opening within the bureau department. M.: It definitely weirds out my close friends and family.

An aside, I’ve always looked up to Nichols, who’s a fellow Northwestern alum. The hiring process is grueling at ESPN, you meet with no fewer than 20 people, and they really test your sports knowledge. My best girl friends joke they hate being in any photo with me because they instantly get followed by 10 strangers.

More often than not, it’s wise to hesitate before typing to ensure any kind of opinion is warranted. I wore a rhinestone studded hot pink gown, and my mom took a million pictures. M.: Since I’m currently in the middle of NFL coverage, I’m going to abstain from answering this one. P.: Bob Ley spoke with me about “red light fever”—the arrogance, the ego that comes with excessive TV exposure. • Rank in order (favorite to least): Darren Mc Fadden, spiced nuts, Rick Ocasek, Johnson & Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, Adam Levine, Cage the Elephant, your coat hangers, Kingpin, neck tattoos: Chris Hemsworth was the only thing I saw in this sentence. I was, however, teammates with US Women’s National Team goalie Ashlyn Harris. • Greatest moment as a San Diego Padre dugout reporter? Quitting a job after two weeks was something I never thought I’d do.

It’s a place where television stars are made; where names go from regional obscurity to national recognition. They permanently moved me to the ABC affiliate as a sports reporter, and I gradually became a weekend anchor as well.

There’s no better test than live TV, and somehow I passed.

Professionally, however, Twitter and Instagram are great vehicles for the network and for branding.

I believe you can balance the serious element of things with what you enjoy on the side.

Her pedigree (Stetson University soccer player; Northwestern masters in journalism) backs it up. How was that for you as a kid, being taller than boys? Ironically, I was the shortest on every roster for a long time. I was skinny, gawky, and had big feet before I grew into them; oh, and don’t forget the braces. Thanks to Wilhelmina, I never had to work another day at the T-Shirt and Sandal Factory Outlet in Key Largo or enlist in another real “character building” summer job, much to my parent’s chagrin. You’ve had a crazy fast rise—you’re 28, holding a prime position at ESPN. But I’m sure many aspiring TV journalists would love to hear the path. M.: Honestly, until about the age of 18, I wanted to be the next Mia Hamm. I was an English major and thought I’d go to law school.

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