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If people say online dating is online shopping then why not take this idea and outsource it and see if another person can do it? Once we got through all of this, it was much easier.Who would you and who wouldn’t you recommend hire a dating manager themselves?

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I put myself in the centre of the experiment and people have been asking why. Also I think it’s OK to talk about things that are meaningful to us. What do you hope people will take away from this book?

We’re so used to conversations that are superficial and we’re kind of afraid to go deep into personal life. K: People should not be pressured to settle for something that’s just good enough. Even if it involves some unconventional approaches, like hiring a dating manger, because there is no one recipe for finding a significant other or getting over a past relationship.

WHAT: Printed in what was the wilderness of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the Bay Psalm Book was the first book made by Congregational Pilgrims who arrived seeking religious freedom.

As the first book printed in America, the book is precious as a historical document and religious artifact.

HOT TIP: Of the 1,700 copies of the first edition, only 11 are known to survive.

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