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This body has jurisdiction over screw threads and wrench sizes based on the inch system, so inch-based fasteners are sometimes referred to as S. The two breakthroughs that allowed the safety bicycle to obsolete the high wheeler were Dunlop's pneumatic tire and chain drive.A car or truck that picks up or otherwise assists riders who have had to stop riding due to fatigue, injury, or mechanical failure.

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, Height, Impotency, Leather, Pads, Plastic, Posting, Prostate, Recumbents, Springs, Seatposts, Suspension, Wide or Narrow?

A touring bag, which is attached to the rear of a bicycle saddle.

The junction between the seat tube, the top tube and the seat stays of a frame.

The seat cluster usually also incorporates the seatpost binder bolt that clamps the seat tube or seat lug tight around the seat post to secure it. The seatpost telescopes into the seat tube of the frame, providing the adjustment for saddle height.

A major contribution was to discard the idea that a tandem should be as much like a solo bike as possible, with a short wheelbase for good handling.

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