Bably boomers dating

by  |  28-Dec-2016 15:52

Instead of exchanging bodily fluids with another human being in a brief and uncontrolled moment of ecstasy, the new puritans spend most of the day silently tapping on keyboards.

Sex seems to be mental, rather than a physical, activity and modern technology has turned out to be a very effective form of birth control.

Millennials are inward-looking and seem to prefer to operate in familiar groups – that’s why so few work in jobs where a bit of chat and a smile goes a long way.

Driving through the UK in the holiday season this week, it’s obvious that millennials mostly experience life through a piece of plastic in their hands.

And so when she realized she got up and gave us a big hug and it was exciting." Be sure to check out what it was like for another set of twins to star in "Three Men and a Baby," and tune into TODAY Wednesday to find out what happened to the tykes from "Raising Arizona"!

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