Autistic dating guide

by  |  25-Dec-2016 04:26

And that’s not about Asperger’s at all; is about some hella deeply-embedded cultural attitudes about entitlement, and the things we automatically expect are the natural lot/due/right/inheritance of straight white affluent males. Women, here’s how to get properly obtained BECAUSE NOT TO BE WON BY A DUDE IS WORSE THAN DEATH.

– Autism Speaks: That anthropomorphic blue puzzle piece they like to coat the world with every April? – Autism Speaks, redux: Autism, we’re told, costs the average American family-with-an-autistic-member $60,000 per year. But since the average American family doesn’t even MAKE $60,000 per year, what this means is that families with disposable income and/or health insurance are spending a lot MORE than $60,000 per year, while families without disposable income and/or health insurance are spending a lot LESS – perhaps $0.

In high school, I used graph paper to chart the people I knew: were they “friendly acquaintances,” “friends,” or “close friends”?

I’ve turned to my journal, my therapists, and my family members to share my rational reasoning behind feelings and social life.

In case you’re new to the party, this is my response to Emma’s recent post kicking off our back-and-forth on autism and sex/gender stuff.

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