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Variation in the tree-ring cellulose oxygen isotope ratio is compared with that in master chronology to determine the matching year (c & d).

▲PAGE TOP So far, we have been using many tree-ring samples from around Japan in order to analyze tree-ring oxygen isotope ratios during the last 4300 years in annual time resolution.

First, Japan is located at northeastern rim of the Asian summer monsoon, where small changes in monsoon dynamics might have significantly affected rice paddy cultivation on which Japanese sustenance has historically depended.

The books use a frame narrative to split the story between present-day Kvothe (under the name of Kote) as a broken innkeeper, seemingly bereft of his powers and music, and the history of his life as he recounts how he got to that point.

Given that music plays such an important role as part of Kvothe’s character and the story, Miranda — coming off dual successes as composer-star of the mega-hit Broadway musical also notes that Miranda has an option to be involved in a possible future stage adaption as well.

In this project, past climate variations are reconstructed based on various proxies, such as tree rings (Photo 1, 3), historical weather records, lake and marine sediments, coral rings and speleothem, and compared with human responses recorded in historical documents (Photo 2) and archaeological archives.

There are three reasons why we have chosen Japan as the main research area in this project.

It’s worth noting the history of the novels, which have experienced numerous delays over the years.

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