naruto online simdating game - Accommodating religious beliefs and practices in the workplace canada

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Employees are not required, and cannot be required, by their employers to use up paid vacation time for these days.

Moreover, if there is a way to make up the days through scheduling time, extra hours, or time shifting, employers are required to permit their employees to use these methods.

There are very few cases in which Canadian courts, tribunals or arbitrators have actually found that it would create “undue hardship” to permit an employee to observe his or her weekly Sabbath, although there have been some.

One recognized exception would be if the employer was looking to hire a person specifically to work on the Sabbath day.

Employers are not necessarily required to pay for this prayer break time and can ask employees to work extra time to make up this break time – unless the employees are simply using break time that is otherwise available to all employers.

Employers are not necessarily required to provide designated prayer areas, though if this is something that can be arranged, it may be preferable over having the employees leave the workplace. Workplace Accommodation: Religious Dress: Canadian employers are required to permit their employees to wear various forms of religious dress unless doing so would create undue hardship (which usually means safety concerns in this area).

So if, for example, an employee requests that he or she not be required to work with members of the opposite gender, that request need not be accommodated in a Canadian workplace since it would affect the equality rights of other employees.

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