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by  |  05-Oct-2017 23:43

So I've been working on this gating sim on and off for a while now, mostly just building the map at the moment.Currently you can select the gender and name, and explore your home town.

Much less a complete game within a decent amount of time with a decent amount of content. I LOVE your stories, and I while not playing Momstrous yet, I have found videos of it, and it looks AWESOME!

Although I do like CS_fox's idea, it'd be a good place to start. Also, Kale Snowtail, I would still be willing to write out a story if you would like. Not to jump on and agree with what everybody's already saying, but well, I'm gonna do it anyway! Heck, you could probably mix some of his ideas with that of Weston Academy if you wanted.

Problem numero uno: The timer is always in the top right corner.

I need this to be a global timer, so I don't want the player to see it.

:3Did you by any chance have a rough draft or story outline written?

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