A list of dating sims

by  |  28-Aug-2016 19:17

Players may leave one lot to play another without having to go back to the neighborhood mode.It is still impossible, however, for a Sim to invite themselves to another lot.

These contacts come predefined with both friendship and lifetime relationship points, making it easier to build a friendship with them.

These predefined points are only available for a limited time, however.

It is most likely to occur when a spouse is caught cheating with another Sim, though it can also occur in numerous other situations, such as when a Sim is stood up, has a drink thrown in their face, or gets into a fight.

When one Sim becomes furious at another Sim, the target of their fury will be subjected to vandalism, such as having their newspaper stolen, or their trash can kicked over.

Determine their love lives as you discover the chemistry between Sims.

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