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The only treatment that will cure a lack of desire for a man you don't like is a divorce.' It's a situation not unlike the diet industry, says Liz Canner: 'By persuading us that there is an ideal body size and shape and that we're failures if we don't conform to it, they have made billions selling us diets and products that don't work, and just make us unhappy with our perfectly good and normal bodies.' The drug companies, naturally, disagree, but their search for a sexual wonder drug for women has so far proved frustratingly elusive.

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It hasn't been finally approved for use yet, but looks as if it will be soon, and it's causing a lot of excitement since it was found to boost libido in physically healthy, pre-menopausal women.

Yet even though it's being heralded as a breakthrough, its results are unspectacular: in trials, it gave women one extra 'satisfying sexual event' per month.

In fact, I was deeply unhappy in that marriage, and desire just died completely, but I did wonder if it was my fault and if there was something wrong with me.

'When I met my second husband, I realised the problem had been the marriage, not me, and my sex drive came back naturally.

It was as if I should just accept that my sex life was over.' A year later, however, sex was one of the first things a new GP asked about. Sex was painful and I rarely wanted to do it at all.

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